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Green Mountain Consulting started as Green Mountain Software in 1986.  It's office was in West Memphis, Arkansas where it primarily served customers in Memphis, Tennessee.  We started as a custom software development company, and earned a good reputation for our Customer Service Center Representative application.

Our customer base expanded to include FedEx, Holiday Inns, and some energy companies.  We developed automation control systems, database applications, and supported commercial applications.  We also offered computer sales and service, plus became one of the few Z100 computer repair facilities for the Air National Guard.  Encountering limitations with commercial software, we developed custom object libraries to expand products like Microsoft C, Pascal, Nantucket's Clipper, dBase, and FoxPro.

By 1990 our primary customers were in the growing/rebounding energy sector, so we relocated to the Houston, Texas area.  From there we assisted Fortune 500 companies perform system implementations, developed control systems, and authored trading and logistics applications.  We also assisted clients with off-shore development projects.

Our current focus is Management Consulting.  Our senior-level experience is more beneficial to clients than software development.  We have authored numerous IT Strategies and Roadmap, defined risk controls and assisted clients with audit firm testing, helped with unbiased project evaluations and selections.  We know the importance of helping our clients perform Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuance Plans, and Disaster Recover Plans.  We also implement the strategic projects, such as those in Mexico where we have implemented data centers, complete network implementations (including Mexico and USA integration), Help Desk implementations, and managed entire IT teams.  Our trading and risk management application experience in the USA has also benefited our clients in Mexico with regulatory changes, such as Ventas de Primera Mano (Firsthand Sales).  Our extensive experience with natural gas and LNG, including liquefaction and regasification, is also available to our energy sector clients.  We also provide resources and Project Management for OpenLink's Endur product (Installation, configuration, and upgrades of products with version 14.1 as our most recent).


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